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Vormetric addresses industry compliance mandates and government regulations globally by securing data in physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures, through Data Encryption, Key Management, Access Policies, Privileged User Control, and Security Intelligence.

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Analyst Reports

Encryption as an Enterprise Strategy

By Dave Shackleford, IANS Faculty Member and SANS analyst

This report is a survey and...


Selecting Encryption for “Data-At-Rest...

By Derek E.Brink, CISSP, Vice President and Research Fellow, IT Security and IT GRC



Data Security Blog

For this eleventh National Cybersecurity Awareness Month – a time when we’ve most often focused on making people aware of the need for awareness and personal best practices for being safe online – it’s important not to lose sight of how to best im...

By generating real-time insights, analytics is changing how we conduct business. Providing a fast and adaptable platform for real-time business, SAP HANA is a clear leader. The magnitude of the SAP ecosystem and the number of enterprise customers...

Customer Success

Aviation Industry Leader Airvault...

Aviation Industry Leader Airvault Raises The Bar With Vormetric Data Security Manager Download The airline industry is one of the pillars of...


Solution Briefs

Hyperconverged Infrastructure With...

Nutanix Hyperconverged Infrastructure With Vormetric Transparent Encryption - In today’s high paced, highly competitive business environment, IT is asked to do more, faster and at lower costs....


MongoDB & Vormetric Key Managem...

The Vormetric Data Security Platform centralizes 3rd party encryption keys and stores certificates securely. The Vormetric Data Security Platform provides high availability, standards-based...



Aberdeen Group, Selecting Encryption for “Data at...

Derek Brink, VP, Research Fellow, IT Security at Aberdeen Group discusses his research on the most common security risks for data at rest in back end storage systems and the different encryption methods for defending that data.


Demo: Vormetric Integration With Splunk Enterprise

With the Splunk Enterprise, & Vormetric Data Security Platform you will gain insight to not only see what is happening from the “outside-in”, but also from nefarious activity that is happening on the “inside”.



Webcast: The Right Tools for the Job: Encryption for Data-at-Rest in Back-End Systems

Date: Thursday August 27 2015, 1PM EST, 10AM PST Are You Deploying The Best Tool To Solve Your Security Challenges? Warning: Latest Research Shows Full Disk Encryption is being misapplied in too many cases leaving companies with a false sense of...


Webcast: Securing Your Couchbase Server Deployment Using Vormetric

Date: June 9th 2015 With increased adoption of the NoSQL, companies are also increasingly populating Couchbase Server with sensitive information. This information can take the form of such things as personally identifiable information (PII),...


White Papers

Vormetric Data Security Platform...

As security teams struggle to contend with more frequent, costly, and sophisticated attacks, data-at-rest encryption becomes an increasingly critical safeguard. This white paper offers an overview...


Vormetric Transparent Encryption...

Today’s IT and security organizations need to continue to scale their capabilities. They need to employ safeguards around larger volumes of sensitive data. They have to guard against more...



Our partnership with Vormetric gives our customers best in class security controls needed for compliance, data breach protection and for safeguarding critical intellectual property through powerful data-at-rest encryption, key management and access controls to our platform.

Rod Hamlin
Vice president


Enterprise Data Security for Cloud Environments

Securing Data In An Unsecure World

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