Vormetric Data Security Platform

Vormetric Transparent Encryption

Data Encryption for Any File, Any Database, Any Server – Anywhere!

Vormetric Encryption allows enterprises to encrypt sensitive data and files on servers, control access to the encrypted data, and then to report on who is accessing that data. Vormetric Encryption supports all of the major platforms – Linux, Unix, Windows – and this data encryption software can be used in physical, virtual and cloud environments. This enterprise data encryption solution protects both structured and unstructured data with integrated data encryption, encryption key management and a common infrastructure environment.

Vormetric Encryption has helped hundreds of the world's most trusted enterprises and government agencies protect sensitive data and files with encryption, obtain safe harbor from data breach disclosure and comply with a myriad of regulatory data security requirements, including PCI DSS, Sarbanes Oxley, and HIPAA. Vormetric Encryption is the only enterprise data encryption solution that protects sensitive data at rest throughout the information lifecycle – from the data center server to the enterprise branch office to the cloud.

Vormetric Encryption is a centrally managed and high performance enterprise encryption software system to manage data security across the distributed enterprise server. Vormetric Encryption deploys in as little as five days to immediately provide a strong combination of data encryption, access control, encryption key management, audit and host integrity for files and databases.

While other enterprise data encryption software solutions can take months to deploy, drastically weaken server encryption performance, only address a “column” of data security or lack a solution for distributed environments, Vormetric solves these challenges through a lightweight architecture built upon our high performance Vormetric Encryption technology foundation. Vormetric Encryption is comprised of the Data Security Manager console and one or more Vormetric Data Encryption Expert agents.

Vormetric Data Security Manager

Vormetric Data Security Manager provides centralized encryption key and policy management for Vormetric Encryption. The Data Security Manager provides console functionality in a FIPS 140-2 certified appliance. The Data Security Manager functions as a storage console for both Vormetric Encryption and Vormetric Key Management.

Vormetric Encryption Expert Agent Software

Vormetric Encryption Expert Agent software applies the enterprise data encryption policies established at the Data Security Manager console. Encryption Expert Agent software supports the leading operating systems – Linux, Unix and Windows.

Vormetric Encryption delivers:

  • Near zero performance overhead through software optimization and support for hardware cryptographic acceleration technologies including Intel® AES-NI and SPARC Niagara Crypto
  • Centralized encryption policy management and audit across the distributed enterprise for file systems, databases and applications
  • File, Application and database transparent data security - eliminating file, application, database, and storage change requirements
  • Strong data encryption, access control and encryption key storage management across platforms, applications and devices
  • Flexible security infrastructure for distributed environments including physical, virtual and cloud environments
  • Highly configurable encryption security and policy enforcement through granular access control, audit and host integrity capabilities
  • Common Vormetric Data Security infrastructure with Vormetric Key Management that can manage encryption keys from Transparent Data Encryption for Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server along with key vaulting for storage of other encryption keys


The large volume of concentrated critical information on servers, as well as the fact that they are stationary and their locations may be known, makes them easy targets for data breach attacks. Server encryption is a strategic protection for business operations, and IT planners must not be distracted by the inclination of the populist view that continues to focus on laptops as the only source of data loss.

Eric Ouellet,
Research VP, Gartner, Inc.

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RewardsNOW Enjoys PCI DSS Compliance with Vormetric Encryption

Vormetric is easy to install and manage, and it just works! It's hard to put a price on having such a solid, worry-free solution.

Paul Butler,
Database Development Team Leader, RewardsNOW

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