Vormetric Data Security Platform


The Vormetric Data Security Platform delivers the data-at-rest security capabilities that your organization needs to safeguard data-at-rest, wherever it resides. The platform consists of several products that share a common, extensible infrastructure. The solution solves security and compliance challenges with data-at-rest encryption, integrated key management, privileged user access control, and security intelligence logging. Vormetric makes it simple to solve security and compliance concerns by simultaneously defending data in databases, files and Big Data nodes across public, private, hybrid clouds and traditional infrastructures. Central management of the entire data security platform makes it easy to extend data security protection and satisfy compliance requirements across the entire enterprise, growing as required, without adding new hardware or increasing operational burdens. The result is a simpler and more efficient data-at-rest security and compliance solution for your company that can deliver significant total cost of ownership (TCO) savings.

Vormetric Data Security Platform

Vormetric Data Security Platform Delivering Data-at-Rest Security at the
Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

The Vormetric Data Security Platform Key Attributes

  • Lower total cost of ownership -The Vormetric Data Security Platform makes it simpler and less costly to protect data at rest. The platform allows your IT and security organizations to quickly deploy data protection in a uniform and repeatable way. Instead of having to use a multitude of point products scattered across your organization, you can take a consistent and centralized approach with the Vormetric Data Security Platform.
  • Simplicity and efficiency - The Vormetric Data Security Platform makes administration simple and efficient, offering an intuitive Web-based interface, as well as an application programming interface (API) and command-line interface (CLI). Because data-at-rest security can be applied quickly and consistently across the organization, IT resources can be employed more efficiently. Further, this high-performance solution enables optimized use of virtual and physical server resources, and reduces the load on the service delivery infrastructure.
  • Better security and faster compliance - Moving security close to the data is more effective because it minimizes the potential for any surreptitious access. Vormetric offers a unique approach for protecting databases, files, and big data across the entire organization. The platform provides capabilities for encrypting data, controlling access, and creating granular security intelligence logs. These security intelligence logs can accelerate detection of advance persistent threats (APTs) and insider threats because they offer visibility into file access. In addition, these logs satisfy many of the compliance reporting requirements.

Vormetric Data Security Platform Products

  • Vormetric Data Security Manager centrally manages policies, keys, and collection of security intelligence for the Vormetric Data Security Platform.
  • Vormetric Transparent Encryption secures any database, file or volume across your enterprise without changing applications, infrastructure or user experience.
  • Vormetric Application Encryption provides a simple framework to deliver application-layer encryption such as column-level encryption in databases or encrypt specific fields in files.
  • Vormetric Key Management centralizes the management of KMIP and Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) Keys as well as secure storage of certificates.
  • Vormetric Security Intelligence logs combined with a Security Information Event Management Systems (SIEM) can accelerate the detection of APTs and Insider Threats. In addition, satisfy compliance and regulatory audits with the use of these same logs.


Vormetric Data Security Architecture

Vormetric Data Security Architecture

A comprehensive architecture for data-centric security leveraging encryption, access controls and security intelligence across physical, virtual and traditional environments.   Download >>



Vormetric Data Security Platform

Vormetric Data Security Platform

The Vormetric Data Security Platform makes it simple, efficient and lowers TCO...   Download >>




 There is absolutely no noticeable impact on the performance or usability of applications. I am very excited at how easy the solution is to deploy and it has always performed flawlessly. 

Christian Muus
Director of Security
Teleperformance EMEA


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