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Thales Announces Test Drive of Vormetric Transparent Encryption for Google Cloud Platform

Powered by Orbitera, Test Drive enables prospects to try security solution before purchasing

Thales, a leader in critical information systems, cybersecurity and data security, announces enterprises may now test-drive its Vormetric Transparent Encryption solution for use on Google Cloud Platform. Powered by Orbitera, Test Drive is a fully functioning and interactive software demonstration that allows companies concerned about securing their cloud deployments to try Vormetric Transparent Encryption before buying it — no software license, credit card or even cloud account required.

Vormetric Transparent Encryption enables organizations interested in leveraging the cloud to implement encryption and protect their sensitive assets and services, without having to make changes to applications, infrastructure or business practices.

In addition to encrypting data, Vormetric Transparent Encryption also logs access and enforces policies that protect against unauthorized access by users and processes, through capabilities such as privileged user access controls (highlighted in the test drive). The solution stops administrators, but more importantly malware impersonating them, from accessing data while preserving their ability to perform their day-to-day administrative responsibilities. It offers security intelligence, such as data access logging that can accelerate advanced persistent threat (APT) and insider threat detection. The Vormetric Live Data Transformation option helps improve security and data availability while reducing the operational costs associated with encryption by delivering near zero-downtime deployments, easy key rotation and versioned backups and archives.

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Thales also recently announced that its nShield hardware security modules (HSMs) can be used to securely generate and store customer supplied keys on-premises for Google Cloud Platform Customer Supplied Encryption Key (CSEK) functionality. The new CSEK support empowers enterprise customers who want to move workloads and data to the Google Cloud Platform, but need to retain control of their key material on-premises.

C.J. Radford, global vice president, Cloud at Thales e-Security says:

“With their elegantly engineered test drive, Google and Orbitera have created a simple and educational world where prospective customers can learn about Vormetric Transparent Encryption and better understand advanced features such as access control and access logging. Organizations interested in leveraging cloud resources must prove they are capable of maintaining control of their data, meeting a broad range of regulations and compliance requirements, and protecting that data wherever it may reside. While it sounds like a tall order, Vormetric Transparent Encryption can help meet customer needs– and with Google Test Drive prospects get to see it in action”.



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