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Vormetric Backup Encryption

Encrypting backup data is essential as a single data breach of a backup poses the risk of severe customer loss, degradation of brand value and financial damages.

Vormetric Backup Encryption can automatically encrypt information based on policy and provides layers of access control, integrity controls and audit for complete backup data security. Vormetric Encryption Expert Agent enforces data security policies in storage, access and transit. Backed by patented Vormetric Data Security foundation technology, Vormetric Backup Encryption enables administrators to perform their duties while the backup data remains safely encrypted.

Features and Benefits of Vormetric Backup Encryption include:

  • Automatic creation of a secure backup file during the backup encryption process
  • Ability to leave meta data in the clear yet maintain encryption of contents for separation of duties
  • Policy based integrity controls to restrict writing data to the backup file
  • Centralized encryption key management
  • Role based access control for decryption requests

The Vormetric Digital Digest on Data Security

Customer and Partner Success

  • Rackspace Cloud Partners
  • McKesson
  • AWS
  • Google Compute Engine
  • Microsoft
  • IBM
  • CenturyLink
  • QTS
  • Teleperformance Secures
  • Delta Dental