Vormetric Data Security Platform

Data Encryption for Any File, Any Database, Any Server – Anywhere!

Vormetric Transparent Encryption enables data-at-rest encryption, privileged user access control and the collection of security intelligence logs without re-engineering applications, databases or infrastructure. The deployment of our data-at-rest encryption software is simple, scalable and fast, Vormetric Transparent Encryption Agents are installed above the file system on servers or virtual machines to enforce data security and compliance policies. As with all Vormetric encryption products, on-going policy and encryption key management operations are centralized and efficient with the Vormetric Data Security Manager.

No application changes are required for Vormetric Transparent Encryption software to deliver data encryption, privileged user access control and security intelligence

Vormetric Transparent Encryption Key Attributes

  • Transparent deployment – No development or changes required to user experience, applications and infrastructure.
  • Supports compliance and contractual mandates – Our enterprise encryption software satisfies mandates around data-at rest encryption, file encryption, least privileged access, monitoring and encryption key management.
  • Limits privileged user risk – Our data encryption software solution stops root, system, cloud, storage and other administrators from accessing data while preserving their ability to perform their day-to-day administrative responsibilities.
  • The broadest heterogeneous operating system and application support – Vormetric Transparent Encryption agents support Windows, Linux and Unix platforms as well as most databases and all unstructured file types.
  • Maintain Service Level Agreements (SLA) – Distributing agents optimized for specific file system and encryption acceleration hardware across servers results in very low latency and little overhead.
  • Scales and grows with your requirements – With proven deployments of over 10,000 servers, companies can be confident that, with our enterprise encryption software solution, they can easily expand protecting files and data as new business requirements arise across physical, virtual, cloud or big data environments.

Vormetric Transparent Encryption Extensions

The following optional extensions are available for Vormetric Transparent Encryption:

Vormetric Live Data Transformation Extension adds zero-downtime encryption deployment and encryption key rotation to the Vormetric Transparent Encryption feature set with a simple upgrade. A database or le system can be used normally while it is undergoing encryption.

Vormetric Transparent Encryption Docker Extension brings the power of Vormetric Transparent Encryption into Docker environments, enabling policy-based encryption, access controls and data access audit logging on a per container basis for information stored within Docker containers, or accessed from Docker


Vormetric Intel Playbook

The Intel – Vormetric Security Playbook

The ever evolving landscapes in company goals & objectives make security hard.

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Vormetric Transparent Encryption Demo

Vormetric Transparent Encryption

Watch this short demo to learn how Vormetric Transparent Encryption makes it easy to deploy file...

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 There is absolutely no noticeable impact on the performance or usability of applications. I am very excited at how easy the solution is to deploy and it has always performed flawlessly. 

Christian Muus
Director of Security
Teleperformance EMEA


Vormetric Transparent Encryption

Vormetric Transparent Encryption

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Encryption Architecture

Vormetric Data Security Platform Architecture

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Encryption Architecture

Vormetric Transparent Encryption Architecture

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Performance Whitepaper – MongoDB 3.2

Performance Whitepaper – MongoDB 3.2

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Encryption Architecture

Vormetric Transparent Encryption Use Cases

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Encryption Architecture

Aberdeen Group Demystifies Data-at-Rest Encryption

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Encryption Architecture

Forrester Research Webinar

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The Vormetric Digital Digest on Data Security

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